Help Mercy Brown Bag Plan for the Future as part of our Legacy Team!

Our Legacy Team celebrates those who have generously chosen to include Mercy Brown Bag Program in their estate planning. This support helps ensure the longevity and stability of the important work driven by our small team.

Perks of the Legacy Team 

  • Recognition in Brown Bag Newsletter and Annual Report
  • Name Displayed in CommonSpirit Health Grocery Store
  • Invitation to Annual Legacy Luncheon

Ways to Plan

Bequests – One of the best ways to help Brown Bag’s mission is to include us in your will or trust. Whether it’s a dollar amount, a specific asset, or a percentage of your estate, you can leave a legacy of care that saves lives. Bequests to our nonprofit are also perfect for lessening the tax burden placed on your family.

Bequests are simple and easy! Speak with your advisor today to ensure your will or trust contains language to specify a gift to Mercy Brown Bag.

Example: “I give XXX Dollars ($XXX) to the Mercy Brown Bag Program in Oakland, CA to assist in their general operations.”

Beneficiary Designations – You can designate Mercy Brown Bag Program as a beneficiary of an insurance policy, a bank account, a retirement account, or an investment account! Not only does this help our noble cause, it also provides an estate tax deduction and helps avoid legal fees.

How to do it: Request a beneficiary designation form from your broker/banker/agent. Complete the form and return it as instructed. Upon your passing, your designation to Mercy Brown Bag will be completed! This process is reversible and you will be able to continue using your accounts as you normally would.

IRA Charitable Rollover – You can reduce your taxable income by making a gift directly to Mercy Brown Bag Program from your IRA so long as you are over the age of 70.5! Contact your IRA plan administrator and learn how you can avoid taxes on transfers up to $100K and make the most out of your charitable giving.

IRA Charitable distributions gifts are untaxed and go directly to Mercy Brown Bag Program to ensure the funds are used in line with your charitable goals.

For more information, please Contact Janice Roberts at [email protected] or 510-269-9640.

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