senior exercise

What You Should Know About Older Adults and Exercise As you age, it often becomes harder to feel motivated to exercise every day. But exercise is one of the most important things seniors can do for their mental and physical health. Many health problems associated with aging can be slowed down, reduced or even eliminated…

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How Brown Bag Is Combatting Growing Senior Hunger

Women unloading food truck

There is an alarming trend growing among seniors throughout the nation. According to AARP, more than 5 million adults aged 60 and older are food insecure. These adults regularly go hungry because they can’t afford the food they need. Disability, low income and poor health are all common reasons for senior hunger. Food insecurity doesn’t…

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What to Know About Using Food as Medicine

Mercy Brown Bag Program

The United States is currently facing a nutritional crisis as a result of poor dietary choices and a compromised food system. Many of the foods consumed in the average household are calorically dense but nutritionally poor. To address this common problem and help enjoy optimal health as they grow older, it’s important to view food…

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Janice Roberts Appointed to Lead Mercy Brown Bag Program

Mercy Brown Bag Program is excited to announce a new leader, long-time Oaklander and industry executive Janice Roberts, who takes on the Director role held by Brown Bag veteran Krista Lucchesi. Now celebrating their 40th year, Brown Bag dramatically expanded throughout COVID, and in 2022 has regularly provided up to 9000 food-insecure older adults in…

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We’re Hiring!

Mobile Grocery Truck

Brown Bag is hiring! We’re looking for new Drivers and Warehouse Associates to join our dedicated team. Put your skills to use and help us serve thousands of hungry older adults across Alameda County. Apply:

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A New Truck!

Mercy Brown Bag Program has had our nose to the grindstone over the past year. We continue to serve across Alameda County and feed more hungry older adults than ever before. Like many hunger organizations, we’ve face our share of challenging obstacles recently. Today, it pleases us to announce a wonderful moment of progress. Thanks…

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Day of Peace

Today’s International Day of Peace focusses on global solidarity for building a peaceful and sustainable world, but peace begins with each of us. Yesterday a trainer commented, “the world is chaos”. How do you find peace in the chaos of life during this difficult patch of time? I took this picture of a circle of…

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Helping people afford not only food but medicine too!

Our heart broke when we heard from this woman who is struggling to pay for all her medicine: “I didn’t expect to be in this place financially but am in the position of affording my medications or groceries. I fell into the Medicare Part D donut hole for the first time, even though my medications,…

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Cristo Rey De La Salle Partnership

Jesus and Jayden are joining us from Cristo Rey De La Salle High School this school year.  We are thrilled to have their energy, skills and vision.  Their questions help us see our program from another set of eyes and it makes us stronger.  They come with all kinds of dreams of the future. Therefore,…

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