Perks Of Aging

From the moment you’re born, you begin to age. That process continues throughout your life.  Fortunately, growing older can be an exciting, fulfilling and rewarding process. At Elder Care Alliance, we seek to make the aging process even more incredible by welcoming older volunteers to join our Mercy Brown Bag Program. This program allows you to help food-insecure seniors gain access to the nourishment they need to thrive. We believe a meaningful life is a good life. Here are some of the best perks of aging we think the general public should know about so they can look forward to their golden years.

Perks of aging



Participating in your grandkids ‘ lives is the only thing better than raising your children. One of the best things about being a grandparent is that you enjoy all the best parts of your grandchildren’s lives without the responsibilities of changing diapers or caring for sick kids. You also get to provide your grandchildren love and companionship to benefit their lives.


Increased Confidence


Many periods of life are marked by insecurity and anxiety about whether you’re making the right decisions for yourself and your family. By the time you get older, you have learned invaluable lessons from your life, and you’re probably no longer so concerned about what others think of you. As a result, you experience increased confidence in your decision-making ability.


More Time for the People You Love


One of the best aspects of being a senior is having much more free time to spend however you choose. That’s why many older volunteers find fulfillment in helping their communities. With few exceptions, almost all senior adults choose to spend much of their free time with the people they love most. Relationships with family members and friends can genuinely bloom and thrive when you don’t have the responsibilities of youth weighing on your shoulders.


More Wisdom


Everyone makes mistakes throughout life. When you’re older, your mistakes can help you make wiser decisions in the future. Many young people could benefit significantly from getting the advice of an older and wise person before making big life decisions. Senior adults also tend to have more control over the intensity of their emotions. They are less likely to be devastated by what a younger person might see as a devastating loss.


Opportunities to Pursue Hobbies


Good caregivers encourage older adults to pursue hobbies because they know such activities can improve their quality of life. People who didn’t have time to pursue their dreams while raising families or working full-time jobs are often empowered to chase those dreams when they’re older and have fewer responsibilities to hold them back. Whether you’ve wanted to get into woodworking or dream of being a painter, it’s never too late to begin.


More Time to Volunteer


Older volunteers are some of the happiest people. Plenty of non-profits like Mercy Brown Bag rely heavily on the good-hearted actions of older people who have time to help others. Contact Mercy Brown Bag today to learn how to donate your time and talents to help others.