Senior Homelessness in California

Wrinkled hand holds coin

California’s senior population is growing faster than other groups of the population. That is challenging for a state already facing a lot of senior poverty. However, this is not unique to California. Millions of seniors in the US face economic trouble. Around half of the older adult population gets the majority of their spending money…

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How Mercy Brown Bag Is Combatting Senior Poverty in California

senior poverty

By 2060, California’s 60-year and older population is expected to grow at least three times faster than the total population. This rapid growth challenges a state that already struggles with senior poverty. This issue isn’t unique to California. More than 15 million older adults in the United States face economic insecurity. Approximately half of seniors get…

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How Brown Bag Is Combatting Growing Senior Hunger

Women unloading food truck

There is an alarming trend growing among seniors throughout the nation. According to AARP, more than 5 million adults aged 60 and older are food insecure. These adults regularly go hungry because they can’t afford the food they need. Disability, low income and poor health are all common reasons for senior hunger. Food insecurity doesn’t…

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Cristo Rey De La Salle Partnership

Jesus and Jayden are joining us from Cristo Rey De La Salle High School this school year.  We are thrilled to have their energy, skills and vision.  Their questions help us see our program from another set of eyes and it makes us stronger.  They come with all kinds of dreams of the future. Therefore,…

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One of my favorite parts about working for Mercy Brown Bag is working with all of the amazing volunteers and seeing them work together. There is so much joy, collaboration, and love that fills the sites and makes everyone feel welcome. And it’s fun! I think about places like Eden Issei Terrace that has a fantastic…

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