Seniors and Clutter

As an older adult, you’ve probably noticed how tasks that used to be simple are now more challenging to do. Many older people struggle to keep their houses clutter-free because they no longer have the strength or energy to get around like they used to. Mercy Brown Bag offers helpful tips to help seniors reduce clutter for improved mental health.

Seniors and Clutter

How Clutter Affects Seniors


Clutter can affect the mental health of seniors. It creates a chaotic feeling, making a home feel less safe and welcoming. A messy household can also become a hazard by making it easy for older adults to trip and injure themselves. Older adults must maintain cleanliness in their homes as effectively as possible. But Mercy Brown Bag recognizes they may need some help to do this.


How the Mercy Brown Bag Program Helps Seniors Keep Pantries Organized


Pantries are some of the most disorganized rooms in many homes. It’s easy to over-purchase foods you don’t need, then leave them in your pantry until they become expired and are no longer safe to consume.


The Mercy Brown Bag Program may help reduce pantry clutter and help keep things organized by delivering weekly groceries to your door. We offer this program to low-income seniors who may be food insecure. We pack our brown bags with basic staples that are easy to keep organized in your pantry. Our food selections include canned goods, produce, healthy grains and more.


Other Senior Tips for Reducing Clutter


In addition to filling your pantry with healthy foods you’ll eat, here are some more tips we recommend for reducing clutter and keeping your home clean.


Eliminate Hazards


The first thing you should do when tidying up your house is to identify and eliminate hazards. These might include old rugs with loose corners that stick up or loose cords from lamps or electronics. You can replace dangerous rugs with slip-resistant pads and use cord organizers to keep all cords contained.


Use Grabber Tools


If bending over is difficult for you to do, use grabber tools to pick things up off the floor. Grabber tools can also help you reach items above your head that you couldn’t access otherwise.


Invest in a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner


Vacuuming can be strenuous on your back, especially as you grow older. Robotic vacuum cleaners help keep floors tidy by automatically patrolling your floors at night. You can set a timer on your vacuum, so it always does its job after you’re already in bed.


Work With Frequent Breaks


While cleaning your house, take frequent breaks to avoid straining yourself. If you have a stopwatch or smartphone, set a timer to go off every 15-30 minutes to indicate your break times.


Invite Others to Declutter With You


If you have family members nearby, invite them to help you clean weekly or monthly. They can help you lift heavy items you can no longer lift yourself. They can also make reducing clutter an easier and more enjoyable process.