39th Anniversary Remembrance of Elenore

Award winning volunteer Elenore

Five pictures of older volunteer, Elenore McGorty, receiving award, working, and waving to crowd on 49ers football field.

It’s our 39th Anniversary this month!  The group of older adults who bonded together to make this program a reality were tenacious.  Sister Patty Creedon, our first Director, would drive them to farmer’s markets, bakeries, and stores where they would bring back loads of nutritious foods for their neighbors. Sometimes they even gleaned in the fields to make sure we had fresh produce in the bags.

Three of these original women remained active volunteers for 25 years – Claire, Cora, and Elenore.  Elenore remained active for another eight years! She helped out until she was 96. A perfect example of our motto “Seniors Helping Seniors!”

At age 92 she was awarded San Francisco 49ers Community Quarterback Award by men who were three times her size. I had never seen her glow like she did that day, and on the football field a few weeks later.

Even though this week marks six years since her passing at age 97, her beautiful spirit lives on in the daily actions of our volunteers and staff.

If you are looking for a fun way to spend your retirement years, Elenore would highly recommend this program. We will welcome you with open arms… just as she taught us all how to do.