What to Know About Using Food as Medicine

The United States is currently facing a nutritional crisis as a result of poor dietary choices and a compromised food system. Many of the foods consumed in the average household are calorically dense but nutritionally poor. To address this common problem and help enjoy optimal health as they grow older, it’s important to view food as medicine.

When we think of food as medication, we’re more likely to choose healthy meals that give our bodies the nutrients required to fend off illness, avoid certain health conditions, and maintain good physical and mental health. Here are a few things to know about viewing proper nutrition as an integral part of your healthcare strategy.

Mercy Brown Bag Program

Why It’s Important to View Food as Medicine

Too often, people tend to view pharmaceuticals as medicine and food as something to keep them alive. But when you make wise dietary choices, food becomes a healing balm that nourishes and strengthens both the body and mind. You’re less likely to need pharmaceutical interventions when you enjoy healthful foods.

This is not to say that pharmaceuticals shouldn’t be used or appreciated. They are crucial for helping combat disease and ensure a higher quality of life. But when they’re combined with a healthy diet, they can be much more beneficial. Some people may even discover that they can stop taking certain medications after changing their diets! Keep in mind that the decision to stop taking certain medications should only be made with your healthcare provider’s approval.

How the Mercy Brown Bag Program Can Help

At Elder Care Alliance, we think of food as medicine and take nutrition seriously. We understand that food-insecure people are more likely to deal with nutritional deficiencies. We want to help change that trend. Through our Mercy Brown Bag Program, we lovingly fill bags with nutritious food options and distribute them to those in need. We currently pack and distribute these life-giving groceries to 17 sites in Alameda County. Our brown bags are full of healthy grains, fresh produce, lean proteins, nutritious canned goods, and much more.

Seniors know they can rely on the Mercy Brown Bag Program to provide nutrient-dense foods that include plenty of whole grains, vegetables, fruits and other healthy selections. We aim to make our meals both delicious and therapeutic because we view food as medicine. Our team is composed entirely of volunteers who willingly donate their time to ensure others have enough food to survive and access nutritious dietary choices to support good health.

Let the Mercy Brown Bag Program Change Your Life

If you’ve never thought of food as medicine before, it’s time to change your point of view. Choose to consume healing and energizing foods for your body, and say no to foods with no nutritional value. Whether you’re a low-income resident who needs help getting your hands on healthy food selections or a willing individual who would like to donate your time to help others, learn more about our Mercy Brown Bag Program. Together, we can improve diets and change lives.